A2 Biology

Hi everyone, below are the unit 4 and 5 past paper questions and mark schemes… enjoy!!

Unit 4 Answers

Unit 4 Questions

Unit 5 Answers

Unit 5 Questions

Year 13 2010

My recommended A2 Biology Book… clicking on the link takes you to Amazon, where you can buy it…

F214 Communication, Homeostasis and Energy

F215 Control, Genomes and Environment

F216 Practical Skills in Biology

Environment and Population PowerPoints

A2 5.3.1 Ecosystems

A2 5.3.2 Populations and Sustainability

Gene Technology PowerPoints

A2 5.2.3 Gene Technology

A2 5.2.3 Gene Therapy

A2 5.2.3 Genetic Engineering


A2 5.2.1 Cloning

More past papers… and mark schemes for the remaining units…

5.1.1 Cellular Control

5.1.1 Cellular Control MS

5.1.2 Meiosis and Variation

5.1.2 Meiosis and Variation MS

5.2.3 Genomes and Gene Technology

5.2.3 Genomes and Gene Technology MS

5.3.1 Ecosystems

5.3.1 Ecosystems MS

5.3.2 Populations

5.3.2 Populations MS

5.4.1 Plant and 5.4.2 Animal Responses

5.4.1 Plant and 5.4.2 Animal Responses MS

5.4.3 Animal Behaviour

5.4.3 Animal Behaviour MS

Below there are the Past Paper questions and answers for Biotechnology and Cloning. Also below are the Cambridge end of chapter tests and mark schemes along with the Gene Technology PowerPoint. You need to understand all the stuff in this PowerPoint before next lesson; Electrophoresis, PCR, DNA Probes and Automated DNA Sequencing… I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it 😉

Gene Technology PowerPoint

A2 5.2.3 Gene Technology

Cloning Past Paper and Answers

5.2.1 Cloning

5.2.1 Cloning MS

Biotechnology Past Paper Questions and Answers

5.2.2 Biotechnology

5.2.2 Biotechnology MS

Biotechnology Test and Mark Scheme

Cambridge End of Chapter 10 Test

Cambridge End of Chapter 10 MS

Cloning Test and Mark Scheme

Cambridge End of Chapter 9 Test

Cambridge End of Chapter 9 MS

Immobilised Enzymes PowerPoint

A2 5.2.2 Industrial Enzymes

Revision questions for excretion and respiration… photosynthesis to follow

F214 Revision Questions

Photosynthesis PowerPoint: Light and dark stages

A2 4.3.1 Photosynthesis

Introduction to photosynthesis including the chloroplast task

A2 4.3.1 Introduction to Photosynthesis

Respiration Summary

A2 4.1.1 Respiration Four Stages

Mark scheme for the Liver and Kidney Homework Pack plus the homework packs in case you want to try any questions again…

4.2.1 Liver

4.2.1 Liver MS

4.2.1 Kidney

4.2.1 Kidney MS

Concluding Respiration: Independent Research Task

A2 4.1.1 Concluding Respiration; Independent Research Task

A2 4.1.1 Mitochondria & ATP

A2 4.1.1 Anaerobic Respiration

A2 4.1.1 Respiratory Substrates

Respiration Stage 1 & 2: Glycolysis & the Link Reaction A2 4.1.1 Glycolysis and Link Reaction

Respiration Stage 3: Krebs Cycle A2 4.1.1 Krebs Cycle

Respiration Stage 4: Electron Transport Chain (Oxidative Phosphorylation) A2 4.1.1 Oxidative Phosphorylation

October mock below, as promised…. I’ll have to take it off in a few weeks, so please save it to your file… the markscheme is at the end…

F214 Oct MOCK

Here is the extra special Excretion PIG with a touch of respiration at the end… LEARN IT!!!

PIG Excretion

Respiration Summary Task

Respiration Summary Task

Introduction to Respiration Research Task- This should be completed and printed off after it has been checked.

Respiration Research Task

Cambridge 2 End of Chapter 4 test and Mark Scheme. Remember your liver and kidney past papers are due the first lesson back after the October holiday! That’s the 1st November Athif!!!! They are on my shared drive (I:) if you can’t find them 😉

Cambridge End of Chapter 4 Test

Cambridge End of Chapter 4 MS

The final kidney PowerPoint

A2 4.2.1 Kidney Failure and Testing

This weeks Kidney PowerPoint- Ultrafiltration and the loop of Henle

A2 4.2.1 Ultrafiltration and Selective Reabsorption

Here is the kidney PowerPoint you can use from this week to help you with your Movie task

A2 4.2.1 The Kidney

Below is the PowerPoint on the Liver from this week: 6th September – 10th September. Remember, your independent Liver research task is due in on the 20th September.

A2 4.2.1 The Liver and Excretion


  1. Hi. This website is so useful I have been using it since my AS to revise :). I was wondering if you had any photosynthesis questions…i am getting so confused on light dependent and light independent stages I really would like to practice on some questions!


  2. I could not agree more with people that say teachers are like Gods! You truly are amazing and I would like to thank you ever so much! 😀

    • Well thank-you very much.. what a compliment! remember that it is you that does all the hard work, so you deserve the praise as well you know! I hope you get the grade you’re aiming for when the results come out 😀

  3. Hi mrs miller, love the site n find it realllly usful. jus out of curiosity, are your past question packs a compilation of different exam board’s questions too? Thanks.

    • Hi, These questions are just from OCR. You might be able to get other exam board past papers by going to the exam board website e.g. AQA and searching there. I hope this answers your question. Good Luck!

      • Dear Mrs Miller:

        I would like to make contact with you, I live on Jamaica W. I. If you could send me a contact number or an e-mail address I would appreciate it.


      • Hi, anything I post on here is public, so if you comment with your email address, I will email you directly if that is ok. All comments automatically go to my email before they are made public, so your email address should not be seen either 🙂

  4. Hi, just wanted to say the site is brilliiant. It was a real life saver for AS revision. I found the question booklets so useful! I am planning to continue biology onto A2 and was just wondering if you had question booklets relating to a specific topic for the A2 specification like the ones for AS?

    • Yeah, they are all on here under A2 Biology… thanks for the comment!

  5. You are amazing!

  6. Hiya, I also think that your website is amazing and it helped me so much in getting my A in unit 2 of biology at AS. I was just wondering whether you have question and answers for the first unit of a2 biology, the photsynthesis, communication and homeostatis and excretion modules? Thanks

    • They are all on here in A2 if you scroll down. Thanks for the comment

  7. Hi, Thank you so much ! just wondering do you have any cellular control powerpoints, for all the topics within the unit? Please

  8. WOW! There are some extremely useful questions on here

  9. Beautifully done website, thank you!


  11. This website is amazing THANK YOU SO MUCH, do you happen to know if there’s a chemistry one similar to yours?

    • Hi Lydia, the only chemistry website I know is doc browns chemistry page. You should find it if you google it. Sorry I can’t be more help, and thanks for your comment!

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